Wilson Elementary School Office Building

Site Activities

T-Shirt Days:
Wednesdays: UFG shirts
Thursdays: AVID or College Shirts
Fridays: Warrior Pride Shirts
Pennant Program:
Every student at Wilson receives a pennant with their name on it. Students may earn pins by participating in various activities and achieving various accomplishments,which they attach to their pennant. The purpose of this award is to recognize well-rounded individuals who exemplify the qualities that the Warrior Nation hopes to foster in all of its students. Students will see their pennants displayed in their classroom for the entire school year. The pennants then travels with them to their next classroom year after year. After completing 5th grade, the students take home their pennants as a way to remember their time at Wilson. 
Kindness/Anti-Bullying Week
October 7th-11th
Red Ribbon Week
October 22nd - 31st
Christmas Program
December 17th