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Our Story

Wilson Elementary School has been serving kindergarten through fifth grade students in the Tulare City School District since 1920. We work hard to ensure each student receives a balanced core instructional program that emphasizes skill mastery and character development in a supportive family-like environment.


Expectations for all members of the Wilson School Community are driven by our Core Values of Courage, Honor, and Respect. Proud Warriors, both students and adults, are encouraged to guide their actions everyday by maintaining those three qualities.

Warriors never quit. They always try to do their best and have the strength to do what is right. They know that a true friend has the courage to stop you from doing something that might hurt you or others.

Warriors don’t lie, cheat, or steal. They help people who are in need and can be counted on to support their classmates. If a Warrior makes a mistake or hurts someone, they apologize and try their best not to make that same mistake again. Warriors learn from their mistakes and know that a “bad day” or “bad decision” doesn’t make them a “bad person.”

Warriors live by the “Golden Rule… They treat others as they wish to be treated.” They represent their family and Wilson School in a proud manner. Warriors do their best not to do things that would make their family or school look bad. They keep their campus clean and safe.

What does the Warrior Nation look and sound like? 
Proud Warriors don’t use put-downs or call people names. Wilson School is a “No Bully Zone” where all students can be safe, happy, and successful. Warriors say “please” and “thank you.” They raise their hand in class before they speak. When other people talk, Wilson Warriors listen and look at that person. Warriors don’t argue when asked to follow directions and keep their hands to themselves. Using bad language is never an option for proud members of the Warrior Nation.


Named after President Woodrow Wilson in 1920, Wilson Elementary School enjoys the distinction of being the oldest school in the Tulare City School District. Members of our school community take great pride in noting that the “Wilson Family” includes many of Tulare’s most notable citizens. Former Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Jr., and two-time Olympic gold medalist and Congressman, Bob Mathias, head the list of individuals who proudly attended Wilson School.

Mission Statement
The mission of Wilson Elementary School is to provide each member of the Warrior Nation with an educational experience based on innovative problem solving and ethical decision making skills. Infused with the Core Values of Courage, Honor, and Respect, our program supports the ability of each student to reach their full potential. We are committed to working in collaboration with members of our school community to ensure that our students are valued participants of the 21st Century Digital Age.
Wilson Facts:
Grades: TK-5th
Enrollment: 473
Mascot: Warriors
Year Opened: 1920
Principal: John Pendleton